Here’s what just a few of my past clients have had to say about my services. See further down for a selection of notable projects I have worked on.

‘An outstanding copy-editor. This is my eighteenth book, but I never had such a good copy-editor.’
– Alessandra Petrina, Professor of English Literature, Università degli Studi di Padova

‘This is book number 12 for me and working with you is one of the best experiences of being copy edited that I’ve had.’
– Alex Murray, Senior Lecturer in Modern Literature, Queen’s University Belfast

‘I have been working with Simon for two years now and I cannot recommend an editor better than him. He perfectly knows the methodology and the theoretical framework of my field. He is full of passion about his work and has exceptionally good command over the English language. He can perfectly function under intense pressure of deadlines without losing accuracy in his work. Simon has been an essential part of my academic career.’
– Dr Anahit Kazzazi, PhD English Literature, University of Sussex

‘Simon’s work proofreading my PhD thesis was of the highest quality. His feedback was clear, consistent, and meticulous. Simon was also very easy to contact, quick to respond, and didn’t seem to mind my tiny (sometimes repetitive) queries along the way. It was exactly what I needed in the stressful end of thesis submission. And all of this at a very reasonably price! I would highly recommend Simon’s services.’
– Dr Naomi Bath, PhD Ethnomusicology, Royal Holloway, University of London

‘Simon was a thorough and meticulous proofreader. He communicated with me throughout, and worked quickly and accurately. At the final stages of the PhD it is hard to spot an erroneous comma or a formatting error, and so it really set my mind at ease having Simon’s careful eye look over everything. I have already recommended him to my colleagues, and do so without hesitation.’
– Sophie, PhD history, University of Cambridge

‘Simon was recommended to me for his services by the University of Sussex and, so far, he has helped me with several academic projects, ranging from academic papers to cover letters and personal statements for academic purposes. I can only speak highly of him: Simon is professional, competent, punctual and extremely available. Prices are reasonable too. I recommend Simon to both students and academics who need proofreading, copy editing, indexing and other similar services.’
– Dr Francesca Mussi

‘It was a pleasure to work with Simon, who assisted me at the proofreading stage of my PhD thesis. His input was thorough and invaluable at a point where my mind could only manage the ideas and overall narrative. He was also able to accommodate my slightly amended timeframe, which was helpful.’
– Dr Nicola Streeten, A Cultural History of Feminist Cartoons and Comics in Britain from 1970 to 2010, University of Sussex

‘I was very overwhelmed with the process of choosing Simon for the services he offered in my PhD thesis. I was provided with an outstanding service and all within a timely manner. My dissertation was about 230 pages and I received a full detailed review back within two weeks. I was rewarded with not only excellent and efficient service but kind and encouraging customer service! Simon is always ahead of schedule and that earns trust, frankly something not often found. I know when I send him a document I get it back professionally edited and moreover with sound recommendations for improvements. Thanks Simon!’
– Mahrokh, Iranian Women’s Poetry from the Constitutional Revolution to the Post-Revolution, University of Sussex


A selection of notable projects I have worked on

Whitney Trettien, Cut/Copy/Paste: Fragments from the History of Bookwork (University of Minnesota Press), index.

Alex Murray and Sarah Parker (eds), Michael Field: For That Moment Only, and other Prose Works (MHRA), copy-editor.

Robert D. Montoya, Power of Position: Classification and Biodiversity Sciences (The MIT Press), index.

Martin Eve, The Digital Humanities and Literary Studies (Oxford University Press), index.

M. Kirschenbaum, Bitstreams: The Future of Digital Literary Heritage (University of Pennsylvania Press), index.

Mathilde Blind, Selected Fin-de-Siècle Poetry and Prose (ed. J. Diedrick, MHRA), copy-editor.

L. Bounegru and J. Gray (eds), The Data Journalism Handbook: Towards a Critical Data Practice (Amsterdam University Press), index and proofreader.

James Bromely, Clothing and Queer Style in Early Modern English Drama (Oxford University Press), index.

Laura Kolb, Fictions of Credit in the Age of Shakespeare (Oxford University Press), index.

Fred Schurink (ed.), Plutarch in English , 1528-1603 (MHRA Tudor & Stuart Translations), copy-editor.

N. I. Petrovskaia (ed.), Delw Y Byd: A Medieval Welsh Encyclopedia (MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh), copy-editor.

Martin Eve and Jonathan Gray (eds), Reassembling Scholarly Communications: Histories, Infrastructures, and Global Politics of Open Access (MIT Press), index.

Alessandra Petrina (ed.), Petrarch’s Triumphi in the British Isles (MHRA Tudor & Stuart Translations), copy-editor. Winner of the 2021 Associazione Italiana di Anglistica book prize for a critical edition in the field of English literature.

T. R. Johnson (ed.), New Orleans: A Literary History (Cambridge University Press), index.

Arthur Machen, Decadent and Occult Works (ed. Dennis Denisoff, MHRA Jewelled Tortoise), copy-editor.

Lena Liapi, Roguery in Print: Crime and Culture in Early Modern London (Boydell & Brewer), index.

Arthur in Early Welsh Poetry (ed. Nerys Ann Jones, MHRA Library of Medieval Welsh Literature), copy-editor.

Carl Van Vechten, The Blind Bow-Boy (ed. Kirsten MacLeod, MHRA), copy-editor.

Bertha von Suttner, Lay Down Your Arms (ed. Barbara Burns, MHRA European Translations), copy-editor.

Martin Paul Eve, Close Reading with Computers: Textual Scholarship, Computational Formalism, and David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (Stanford University Press), copy-editor.

Isabella Sori, Ammaestramenti e ricordi (ed. Helena Sanson, MHRA Critical Texts), copy-editor.

In Defence of Women (trans. Joanna M. Barker, MHRA New Translations), copy-editor.

George Chapman, Homer’s Iliad (ed. Robert S. Miola, MHRA Tudor & Stuart Translations), copy-editor.

Charlotte Rose-Millar, Witchcraft, the Devil, and Emotions in Early Modern England (Routledge), index.

Robert Garnier in Elizabethan England: Mary Sidney Herbert: Antonius / Thomas Kyd: Cordelia (MHRA Tudor & Stuart Translations), copy-editor.

Arthur Golding’s A Moral Fabletalk and Other Renaissance Fable Translations (ed. Liza Blake and Kathryn Vomero Santos, MHRA Tudor & Stuart Translations), copy-editor.

George Chapman, Homer’s Odyssey (ed. Gordon Kendal, MHRA Tudor & Stuart Translations), copy-editor.

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Peter Boxall and Bryan Cheyette (eds), Volume 7 of The Oxford History of the Novel in English: British and Irish Fiction since 1940 (Oxford University Press), index.