Book sale

UK shipping £3 for p/b, £4.50 for h/b and large p/b. Offers accepted on all books. All in good to very good condition unless otherwise noted. Many are first editions (not always noted!). Any questions, please get in touch!


Baillie (ed.), A Choice Ternary of English Plays (Thorny Abbey, The Marriage Broker, Grim the Collier of Croydon, MRTS, 1984), £4

Boas, Works of Kyd (Oxford), £10

Dekker, Dramatic Works: Volume 3 (ed. Bowers – Roaring Girl, If This Be Not a Good Play, Troia-Nova, Match Me in London, The Virgin Martyr, The Witch of Edmonton, The Wonder of a Kingdom) p/b ed. £10
I also have the accompanying volume of introduction, notes and commentaries by Cyrus Hoy, same series. £15 for both.

Globe Quartos p/b editions: Heywood & Brome, The Witches of Lancashire and Barnabe Barnes, The Devil’s Charter, £4 each

Greene, Plays and Poems (2 vols, ed. Collins, Clarendon Press, early C20th), £15

Jonson, Works, ed. Herford & Simpson, vol. VII (The Sad Shepher, The Fall of Mortimer, Masques, h/b w/ d/j), £10

Middleton, The Witch, W. W. Greg’s critical edition (Malone Society reprint), pages still uncut! £10

Vol. VI of the Hereford & Simpson ed. of Jonson’s works (Bartholomew Fair, The Devil is an Ass, The Staple of News, The New Inn, The Magnetic Lady), £10

British library p/b facsimile (EEBO editions) of Shadwell, The Lancashire Witches and Heywood, The Wise Woman of Hogsdon, £4 each


Barlowe & Roye, Rede Me and Be Nott Wrothe (ed. Parker, 1st ed., 1992), £15

Byron, Poetical Works (Oxford Standard Authors, h/b w/ jacket, 1st printing of 3rd (corrected) ed., 1970), £5

Chaucer, Works (ed. Robinson, Oxford, 2nd ed., h/b w/ d/j), £5

Coleridge, Poetical Works (Oxford, 1924), £5

The Collected Works of Abraham Cowley: Vol. 2 Poems  (1656): Part 1 The Mistress (ed. Calhoun, Heyworth, King). First (and apparently only?) volume in critical ed. of Cowley. Nice copy, except binding is split at title-page (netting and spine still holding). £15

Davenant, Works (2 large vols, facsimile of 1673 ed.), £20
Gondibert (1971 Oxford ed., h/b w/ d/j), £8

Donne Variorum Vol. 7, part 1: The Holy Sonnets, £25

George Herbert, The Temple: The Bodleian Manuscript (ed. Di Cesare), Renaissance English Text Society, £10

Pearl (ed. Gordon, Oxford, 1953), £5

Pope, Minor Poems (ed. Ault and Butt), h/b with d/j, £8
The Rape of the Lock and Other Poems (ed. Tillotson), h/b, £8

Skelton, Poems, Clarendon Medieval and  Tudor Series (1969), £3

Swift, Poetical Works (Oxford Standard Authors, h/b w/ d/j), £5

Yeats, Collected Poems (h/b, Macmillan, first publication of revised 2nd edition, 1950), £5
Letters, ed. Wade (h/b w/ d/j, d/j is battered but book is fine), £8
Memoirs, ed. Donoghue (h/b w/ d/j), £6

Criticism / history

Allen, Griffin, O’Connell (eds), Readings on Audience and Textual Materiality (h/b, 1st ed.), £15

Barber, Early Modern English (h/b, 1st ed.), £5

Cameron, Enchanted Europe (h/b w/ d/j), £10

Clark (ed.), Languages of Witchcraft: Narrative, Ideology and Meaning in Early Modern Culture (h/b w/ d/j), £10

Davies & Fletcher (eds), News in Early Modern Europe: Currents and Connections (h/b, brand new, still in shrink wrap), £20

Day, Lund, O’Donnell (eds), Word, Church, and State: Tyndale Quincentenary Essays (1st ed.), £10

Van Dorsten, Thomas Basson 1555-1613: English Printer at Leiden, £5

McKenzie, Stationers’ Company Apprentices 1605-1640 (1st ed., 1961), £5

Poeton, The Winnowing of White Witchcraft (p/b) – my book, recently published by ACMRS. I have a few shrink-wrapped copies for sale, £20



Aretino, Works (privately printed, 1931 – not the poems), £5

Bunyan, Grace Abounding and The Pilgrim’s Progress (Oxford Standard Authors, h/b with d/j in protective sleeve, lovely copy), £8

Cellini, Autobiography, Folio Society ed. (gorgeous period-looking book with slipcase), £5

Cheney & Jones, A Handbook of Dates: For Students of British History (2nd ed., 2004 printing), £5

Cook, Incunabula in the Westminster Abbey and Westminster School Library, w/ bookbinding descriptions by Mirjam Foot (Bibliographical Society), £4

Dekker, The Seven Deadly Sinnes of London (Percy Reprints, 1922), £8

Hobbes, Leviathan (Cambridge History of Political Thought), £4

Kimber, The Happy Orphans (C18th novel, MHRA Critical Texts vol. 29, p/b), £5

Nashe, The Unfortunate Traveller (Percy Reprints, 1927, with d/j), £8

Schom, Emile Zola: A Bourgeois Rebel (1st ed., h/b with d/j and protective plastic), £4

Woodhouse, Puritanism and Libety (edition of the Putney debates) (1938), £6

Catalogue of the Travers Collection in the University of Sussex Library, £5

EEBO editions: Henry Holland, A Treatise Against Witchcraft (1590), £4

EEBO editions: Samuel Harsnett, A Declaration of Egregious Popish Impostures (1603), £4

I also have a large collection of lovely Oxford English Texts editions of C17th poets (Herbert, Traherne, Crashaw, Vaughan, Lovelace, Marvell, Herrick, Cleveland, etc.) – I’m quite attached to these, but if interested, let me know. Make me an offer!